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Please email [email protected] or call 705-881-9988 and ask for our Retail Supervisor, Marnie. 

1 Frequently Asked Questions
1.1 Where does Redline ship beer to?

Redline only ships beer where Canada Post is able to deliver to, within Ontario. We are working on expanding into other provinces and countries in the future.  

1.2 How long does it take for a beer order to get to me?

Redline packages and arranges for Canada Post to pick up orders within 72 hours. 

Our shipping is based off of Canada Posts pricing and timelines. We cannot guarantee specific shipping time frames, only rough estimates. For most Urban cities, it will take 3-7 business days, for rural cities 7-12 business days

1.3 What if I don't like the beer?

Redline provides full beer descriptions with beer style, tasting notes, IBU and ABV. It is your discretion if you would like to order the beer based on the information we provide. Redline does not issue refunds for not liking a particular beer. 

1.4 What do I do if I received a damaged product?

We cannot take blame for a damage product, as we rely on Canada Post for shipping. We will try everything in our power to make the situation right with you! Email [email protected] for customer service support and we will work the problem out.

1.5 Why can I only order 6 or 12 packs?

We are trying to make shipping as effective as possible for our customers. This means shipping in quantities of 6 (minimum) or 12 (max) is whats best for you! We will be expanding to quantities for 24 once we receive our larger boxes. If you would like to order more then 12, we will ship you 2 boxes of 12 or a 12 and a 6 pack box. Past the quantity of 24, we will be in contact with you to resolve the shipping issue. 

Please remember we only accept order is quantities of 6. We will reject order that do not follow this rule and issue a refund. 

1.6 What beer is available?

Any beer that we have bottled or canned is available, including core beers and special releases! We do not ship Crowlers.

On rare occasion, we run out of our stock of canned beer. Out of stock core beer will usually be restocked the following week. We package on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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